Besides being one of the most promising economies in Mexico with 5% of the Gross Domestic Product driven by the automotive sector, the state of Guanajuato has one of the greatest tourist gems of the world, the city of San Miguel de Allende.

In recent days, Travel + Leisure magazine granted for second consecutive year recognition to San Miguel de Allende as the best city in the world because of the beauty of its colonial and historical architecture. Other reasons that San Miguel de Allende was chosen included its cradle of liberators and thinkers, exquisite cuisine, luxury hotels, pleasant weather, and more that were all mentioned in the World’s Best Awards survey.

The Travel + Leisure readers evaluated the experience of trips around the world that they have taken and classified San Miguel de Allende as the best city they visited! Some of the things they spoke of were the different points of interest and activities, friendly locals, premier service, shopping and general value. San Miguel de Allende is the first to win this award twice in a row.

Just 30 minutes from El Grande Group, you can visit the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende! Don’t forget to take a walk through the streets of colonial architecture and visit the neogothic parish church of San Miguel Arcángel. You can also enjoy the charming handicrafts, historic buildings, the Temple of San Francisco, or the Civic Plaza. San Miguel de Allende is also home to award-winning boutique hotels and its gastronomy. Don’t forget to check out the parades and traditional festivities as well!

Invest in Mexico and grow your business in a state that concentrates an investment of more than $11.7 million dollars like Guanajuato and relax in the beautiful San Miguel de Allende located just half an hour from our industrial complex.

You can bring your business to Mexico very easily, hand-in-hand with the El Grande Group experts! Call us and find out about our financing options and our shelter service. You will be surprised to find the city of San Miguel de Allende was named one of their favorite cities to live in by our clients!