Industrial Park and Intelligent Support Services

El Grande knows that complete control of your manufacturing Operations is important. From design of a product through all phases of production and final shipment to your customer, we work seamlessly with Clients to ensure their focus can remain where it needs to be — on product and production.   El Grande’s expert staff provides ‘non-manufacturing’ but ESSENTIAL services needed for a successful operation.

We know that one size does not fit all.

There are many ways to operate your manufacturing operation in Mexico. Our program offers are intelligently tailored to meet your specific needs. Whichever configuration of services will help you achieve your goals, we have the expertise to help you analyze and implement the program that’s right for you.

El Grande
Intelligent Support Services

  • Gated 151 acre, 739,000 sq. ft. Certified Industrial Park
  • On-site IT, Security, Medical Facilities, Day Care, Recreation Areas
  • 22 – 33,583 sq. ft. production facilities with offices
  • For smaller manufacturing space needs, a 33,583 sq. ft. building may be divided into 2 or 4 smaller production facilities.

Talk to us about other Specialized Services

  • Real Estate including construction & Infrastructure
  • Custom Shelter & Build-to-Suit
  • Materials Sourcing Assistance
  • Financing and Equipment Leasing

Full Service Shelter

Offers the greatest ease of operation, long run cost efficiencies and protections.

Custom Shelter

A tailored shelter program of the specific group of services needed.

In or out of main park.

Real Estate

30 acres of space for Build-to-Suit needs within Park Area – Zone 2

For special needs, additional land available adjacent to, but outside of Park grounds.

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