When thinking of selling into Mexico, a few of the things that businesses are concerned about include avoiding putting their company in legal danger and not being able to meet the demands of the rigorous “Just-in-Time” culture that Japanese, US and Canadian companies have established over the past decade.

There are a few steps that need to be taken into consideration to facilitate the decision on how to setup operations that best suit your company’s and your clients’ needs. Consider asking yourself these questions:  

  • Is your product going to stay in Mexico or be exported out?
  • Is your product part of a larger integrated component?
  • Is there a way to minimize VAT on any of your products?
  • Is it necessary to constitute a Mexican company in order to improve sales?
  • What legal costs are we looking at?
  • How will you properly handle wealth management?
  • Do you need to start a new operation in Mexico with an operating, production and administrative team?
  • What other ways are there to facilitate costs while improving company productivity and profitability?
  • Can you set up an almost Zero Capex operation in less than 90 days and navigate the Mexican waters before deciding what to do?
  • Who can help your company in this journey and find out if the Mexican market requires your product?
  • How many possible companies and sales could you be directly attending?
  • How much of your product is currently being imported to Mexico?

Many questions come to mind when thinking of how to get your production into Mexico and not risk your company’s assets.

El Grande Group understands the complexity of dealing with expanding sales or operations in another country where social customs and business deals may be handled differently. This is why we offer cost-free assistance in answering all questions that need to be solved in order to properly guide your team to reach the best-tailored solution. Through our robust technological and intelligent platform, we can handle market intel, cost models, legal assistance, industrial facilities, logistics and much, much more.