Case Study: SIMOTIC SD 200 NEMA FS500

Since the 1960s, Mexico has been a manufacturing-oriented country and has attracted many large foreign companies to settled in the territory with low operating costs, ample government support, and low cost and well-qualified labor.

However, in recent years, Mexicans have demonstrated the ability to create and develop components that require a great specialization. This has translated into real confidence by investors who see in Mexico the ideal investment destination.

Case in point, the success of the German company Siemens. The industrial manufacturing behemoth recently developed, in partnership with Mexican engineers, a low voltage motor that was presented just a few weeks ago at Hannover Messe 2018 – an event in which Mexico was the guest of honor.

The Simotics SD200 Nema FS500, designed by Mexican engineers at the Siemens plant in Guadalajara, is a low voltage motor that can be used in industries that require movement procedures such as cement, oil, food, and so on.

Mexican engineers managed to create a 3D digital render of this engine, which also included those small pieces that had never been created, then developed a prototype that would have taken 7 to 8 months longer to produce in the traditional way. They also increased the horsepower from 400 to 800 – outdoing the original aim of 700.

This achievement was possible, thanks to the advantages that our country offers to foreign investors, not only in terms of costs but also in terms of competence, capacity, and talent of Mexican workers.

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