ISO Certification and Manufacturing in Mexico

When it comes to vehicle manufacturing, quality means sales. But to create the best product possible, manufacturers must have a first-rate quality assurance system in place. The right practices can help ensure that all components and assemblies are properly designed and manufactured.

ISO certification helps manufacturing companies establish excellent safety standards, improve production efficiencies, enhance work culture, reduce errors, and promote customer satisfaction. The right quality management system (QMS) coupled with ISO certification can have a tremendous effect on your company and greatly improve your sales opportunities.

With ISO 9001:2008 becoming obsolete in September of this year, now is the time to get your manufacturing company the ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

If you have already met the requirements for certification, El Grande Group’s consultation and support services will help confirm that the ISO certifications will follow your organization into Mexico. Our manufacturing experts can also assist by selecting suppliers that help implement the ISO standards, by gathering documentation, and most importantly, by keeping HR documentation as per ISO requirements.

If you have not obtained an ISO certification or are interested in doing so, please consider the following information.

What exactly is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting organization composed of representatives from various standard organizations. The agency consists of 162 member countries and helps facilitate world trade standards.

ISO standards are designed to aid in the creation of safe, reliable, and quality products and services. By improving quality, safety, and efficiency, consumers are better protected.

Companies are not legally required to follow the standards set by the ISO, but suppliers and manufacturers who do so reap a number of benefits and ensure that their business is running at prime efficiency.

Reasons to Obtain ISO Certifications in Manufacturing

ISO certifications – especially ISO 9001 – helps companies in a wide variety of areas including improving quality and cost-related issues while meeting customer requirements. There are a number of reasons to consider obtaining an ISO certification:

  • To improve the consistency of day-to-day operations in your manufacturing output.
  • To improve the consistency of processes and to make them predictable.
  • To improve on environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.
  • To create a formal system of metrics that can be used to improve business decisions, product quality, and work productivity.

Because of the requirements set forth by the certification process, companies are able to improve upon their business model while reducing costs, errors, and waste. Additionally, ISO certifications help manufacturers differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The added value of ISO certification can prove to be of great financial benefit to the manufacturers.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Manufacturing companies that are willing to adapt to ISO standards benefit from a competitive edge and a number of other advantages including:

  • Generate new business opportunities. High-profile companies generally require that their suppliers and subcontractors be ISO-certified. Being certified improves customer acquisition and sales.
  • Enhanced marketing opportunities. Manufacturers who are able to obtain their ISO certification can advertise their achievement which will, in turn, help them gain standing in new markets and with new clients.
  • International recognition. Because of the ISO’s international reach, certification is widely respected across the globe, and can even lead to industry-specific honors and awards that can further promote the manufacturer’s product.
  • Company culture and team focus improve. The certification process requires internal and external auditing. This helps management and team members to better understand their goals and responsibilities. With clearer expectations, improved feedback opportunities, and better tools, team members feel more empowered and work more cohesively. A better work environment means improved work efficiency and products.
  • Improved product consistency. Because ISO certification improves manufacturing processes and consistency, products are less likely to suffer from variations that can negatively affect your business.
  • Increased output and reduced waste. Continual audits help companies are constantly finding new and improved ways to increase output and lessen waste product. This means reduced production costs and enhanced savings.

ISO certifications can increase international trade as potential customers are better assured that you – as the supplier – are meeting globally recognized standards.

What ISO Means for the End-Consumer

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) want products that their customers want. Errors and variations – and the need to correct them – end up affecting the consumer. Whether it’s increased costs getting passed on to the end-buyer, low-quality items that constantly break and need frequent repairing or replacement, or any number of other issues that inadequately manufactured items can cause, customer satisfaction is dependent on the quality of the product they receive.

But when product standards are met – and exceeded – custom satisfaction greatly improves. A happy end-consumer means a happy OEM, and this presents the greatest opportunity for long-term business relationships.

ISO Manufacturing in Mexico

It is an easy process to expand your ISO certification into Mexico. If your company is already ISO 9001 – 2015 certified, your company would apply to ISO and pay a fee for the expansion. If your company is certified to ISO 9001 – 2008, you will need to get certified in your home manufacturing plant and then expand the certification to Mexico or attain ISO 9001- 2015 certification on site in our Mexico facility. Once attained, the El Grande team is experienced in manufacturing to ISO standards from supplier selection to documentation and filing systems.

Let El Grande Group help you grow your manufacturing company in Mexico.

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