How much does electricity cost in Mexico?

The Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) is the state-owned electricity provider that supplies all of Mexico. Rates vary for residential, commercial, and industrial users. On average, electricity costs for industrial users range between $0.09 USD to $0.11 USD per kilowatt. Our manufacturing solutions team at El Grande will ensure that the proper infrastructure and KVAs are available to run your facility efficiently.

The actual cost per kilowatt will also depend on several factors including the manufacturing equipment being utilized, its operation efficiency, and the season, day, and time electricity is in use.

It is also worth noting that Mexico has begun moving away from petroleum-based electricity to natural gas. With prices comparable to those of the United States, Mexico is able to offer an outstanding economic advantage versus China’s energy costs, which can cost up to three times more. These figures have continued to enhance Mexico’s reputation as the go-to country for nearshore and offshore manufacturing, and have underlined the profitability of doing business in Mexico.