Clients focus on and control their production plans and inventories, resulting in a well-driven production. With El Grande Shelter programs, our clients focus on manufacturing, which can translate to profitability and growth.
Client controls all: shifts, equipment, sourcing and production levels.

Production Design and Engineering

Clients maintain their designs and engineering plans in order to control their final product and distribution.

Quality Control

With the client focusing on production, it allows a greater emphasis on quality. Clients control all their production quality based on their own standards and certifications.

Supply Chain

Sourcing and deliveries occur according to Client’s planning. Our sourcing, logistics and purchasing departments work hand in hand with Clients to streamline and oversee their Supply Chain.

Material Control and Inventory

Clients have total control of their inventories and sourced materials and production plans.

Manufacturing Technology

Clients enjoy protections regarding the implementation of proprietary technologies through the Intellectual Property Institute and Patents laws. Patents, trademarks and technology may be registered in Mexico, the US and all major markets due to international agreements.

Production management and Systems

Clients implement control and maintain their own Production Systems. El Grande can provide assistance through our IT department if the need arises.


Each Client implements their training programs for all areas of manufacturing, management and service, based on their production and business plans.

Equipment Maintainance

Leased and owned equipment should remain in optimum operating condition. Each Client controls its equipment maintenance programs and needs. The El Grande Procurement Department coordinates with the client to provide the needed spare parts, maintenance experts, suppliers and other needs.

Company Culture and Philosophy

We know that an important element of your success is your unique company culture and philosophy. El Grande understands the importance of company culture and supports and provides reinforcement of those ideals.