About us

About us


We are committed to our clients, employees and community.

El Grande provides on-site medical and day care for employees and organizes workforce transportation busing. All of these services promote the well-being of employees, reduce absenteeism, guaranteeing win-win for the mutual success of clients, employees and community, and El Grande.

Provide a world-class global business platform bringing first-rate business environment and services to manufacturers by providing top-tier infrastructure, technology, services, workforce and innovative project planning for client success.

We are El Grande – your real team in Mexico.



The El Grande organization’s first priority is satisfying Client’s needs promptly and providing the best possible experience and advantages with El Grande, and Mexico.


El Grande is committed to excellence. We believe our work should go above and beyond our client’s expectations.


We are characterized by the transparency of our actions, integrity in our dealings, and commitment to the agreement in our daily business interactions.


In partnership with our clients, we identify, develop and deploy leading edge technology, employee development programs, and process improvement tools. We listen and endeavor to bring solid solutions to the table—every day.


We know that our principal engine is El Grande’s work force. We believe in a motivated team and individual continuous self-improvement in order to provide first-class service.

Industrial Park & Intelligent Support Services

EL GRANDE your Mexico team will partner with

you to grow your foreign investment in Mexico

At El Grande nothing is more important than satisfying our clients demands.

When expanding into Mexico, the El Grande team provides the foreign investor with a solid foundation and recognized track record to ease the start-up of operations and further their operational and financial efficiencies. We offer:

  • Solid & proven international business experience
  • Business multiculturalism
  • Expertise in risk analysis and management
  • Blue-chip individualized financial and operational reporting
  • Business growth focus

El Grande is a world-class international business platform that brings a first-rate business environment to foreign investors based on top-tier infrastructure, technology, services, workforce and innovative project planning that generates added productivity and profitability.

El Grande is establishing itself as a top promoter of foreign investment in Mexico, offering a first-class business environment and added investment protections through our Industrial Park and comprehensive Shelter Services.

El Grande Industrial Park is situated in Celaya-Apaseo El Grande, Mexico, near a large well-established and fast growing Industrial hub featuring many major automotive aerospace, appliance, and electronic OEM’s and suppliers.

The first series of 22 units are available in our Master Planned Zone 1.

Shelter Services for off-site locations are also available.

Learn more about our Intelligent Support Services and World Class Industrial Park.

About us


Grande Group’s individual companies help provide the foundation and support for El Grande’s success and the ability to provide first-class service (Intelligent Support Services) and a brand new 151-acre, (862,00 sq. ft.) modern industrial park in Celaya-Apaseo El Grande, Mexico. These companies have a long history of success and strong leadership.

Our combined company’s successful history includes multiple projects in these areas:

  • Outsource manufacturing & shelter services
  • Construction & infrastructure contracting
  • Financial outsourcing to financial institutions
  • Manufacturing joint ventures & twin plants
  • Logistic services
  • Distribution networks & product recognition
  • General cross-border operations

SPC Constructores

Construction company prioritizing El Grande’s customer needs. With the rapidly increasing growth in El Bajio other companies can find themselves facing construction delays. El Grande, having an experienced construction company in the group is a big plus.


El Grande Leasing

New companies in Mexico find it impossible to obtain financing for their equipment and operations. At El Grande, we have a leasing company with programs to help clients with purchase/lease back options.


L.I.S. Logistics

Personalized on-site logistics services. www.global-lis.com


El Grande Inmobiliario

El Grande real estate company that can assist clients needing to set up shop in areas outside the main industrial park.


Pharos Organization

Is an Investment banking firm assisting clients in securing funding for projects challenging their capital constraints.


Contact us to arrange a webinar and find out more about manufacturing in Mexico and how El Grande can assist your company through the due diligence and decision making tasks ahead, and how you can lower costs, maintain excellent standards and be successful in a Mexico operation with El Grande.

The combined international business experience of El Grande’s owners and management team provide a wealth of experience to aid clients in enhancing profits.

Alberto Covarrubias M
Managing Partner and Shareholder
Alfredo Achar
Shareholder and Chairman of the Board
Luis Achar
Eduardo Covarrubias
Managing Director
Katsutoshi Sano
Support Service Manager
Marco Antonio Pardo
Engineering Coordinator
Arturo Perez Gavilan
Logistics & Import/Export