Mexico continues to prove that it is a rising power in global manufacturing and the aerospace industry is a perfect example of this potential. With aircraft manufacturer Boeing stating that the number of commercial aircraft around the world is expected to double by 2035, Mexico’s aerospace industry is primed to grow substantially.

The manufacturing specialists at El Grande Group would like to provide you some important insights into the aerospace industry in Mexico.

Positive Trends in 2018 for Aerospace Manufacturing in Mexico

Over the last decade, the aeronautic industry in Mexico has grown by an average of 15% annually, supporting more 40,000 jobs and close to 330 aerospace companies. In terms of performance:

  • The sector generated $8 billion USD in revenue in 2017
  • Sector exports totaled over $7 billion between 2005 and 2016
  • Total local production was valued at $3.06 billion in 2017
  • There was a 20% average export growth between the year 2013 and 2015
  • $6 billion in foreign investment between the year 2007 and 2017
  • Mexico is the world’s third-largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FD) in its aerospace sector.

Experts have noted that the Bajio region – especially the areas of Quéretaro and San Luis Potosí – are prime sites for new manufacturing companies interested in entering the industry.

However, other companies have settled closer to the U.S. border, like Ascent Aerospace, which in October 2018 opened a $22 billion manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Baja California. Another border Mexican state promising to boost aerospace manufacturing production is Sonora.

A number of programs have also been established to position Mexico as a global leader in aerospace manufacturing, including the Strategic Aerospace Programma, Pro-Aéreo, which has goals of creating more than 100,000 jobs and increasing the output of national content of goods manufactured in the sector to at least 50 percent.

Aerospace Products

The Mexican aerospace industry has evolved from producing components and small aircraft parts to manufacturing:

  • Airframes
  • Flight surfaces
  • Small drones
  • Flight control and avionic assemblies
  • Wings
  • Doors
  • Landing systems
  • Engine parts
  • Jet engine components
  • Jet housings
  • Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Additionally, while the production of large commercial aircraft has not fully emerged, the majority of manufacturing firms and organizations have developed maintenance-repair-overhaul facilities. Some firms have even obtained global certifications to be able to perform other manufacturing processes.

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